big-dipper-isGrease Trap Cleaners

All commercial kitchens and restaurants have a grease interceptor trap installed to stop large amounts of fat, oil, grease and solids from wreaking havoc on the local sewer systems. In fact, your commercial grease trap might just be the hardest worker in your kitchen!

Just like your other kitchen equipment, your grease interceptor trap (or grease arrestor) needs regular cleaning and maintenance performed. Regular grease trap maintenance is essential to prevent a grease trap emergency.

Regardless of how large your grease interceptor trap is or where it is located, Hetherington Plumbing can keep your grease trap (and your kitchen) operating at 100% efficiency.

Regular visits from Hetherington Plumbing grease trap cleaners will:

  • Prevent blockages of your inlet and outlet pipes through a build up in your grease trap
  • Prevent unpleasant odours wafting through your food preparation and service areas
  • Prevent hefty fines due to oil, fat and grease entering local waste water systems
  • Prevent expensive calloutsfor emergency grease trap clean out


Regular grease trap cleaning will save you time and money, so call us today on (02) 6033 1439 or contact us via email here for a free plumbing quote.